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At the National Institute of Massotherapy, our mission is to train high-quality bodyworkers, in a culture that encourages the advancement of each individual in the school community and requires both prominent professional standards and commitment to the success of each person. Starting with attention to self-care and personal development, NIM prepares students to make a sound difference in the lives of people they touch.

Massage School, Akron Ohio & Cleveland Ohio

Mission Statement

National Institute of Massotherapy exists to share the knowledge and skills of our ancient profession, to help our massage school graduates successfully treat others and to improve the quality and standards of touch based therapy. To realize our mission, we strive to:

"Make a positive difference in our students' lives."

Our presentations go beyond being enjoyable and informative. They empower people to make meaningful changes in their own lives and engage graduates in successful, productive, professional careers.

"Serve the student, the public, and the medical profession."

We offer a superior education in the field for our students, quality products and services for the public, and graduates trained in alternative health practices to assist medical professionals.

"Manage corporate resources wisely."

As a corporation and as individuals, we strive to be good stewards of our human resources and our material assets.

"Practice teamwork."

Our leadership works to value the contributions of each student, client, customer, employee, consultant, and member of the massage community.

"Honor the past while welcoming change."

We recognize the antiquity of our profession and value its traditions and practices while welcoming the change that comes with progress.

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