If you seek assistance at one time or another, you may want to contact the following people, either directly, or through the receptionist in the bookstore.

President, Curriculum Coordinator, Continuing Education Coordinator: Stephen Perkinson, B.A., L.M.T: Oversees development and implementation of the curriculum and coordinates instructors' work through planning, meetings, and evaluations. Schedules and oversees all required and elective seminars.

Director, Financial Aid Officer: Dan Bilich, B.S.: Oversees and directs all aspects and functions of NIM. Implements all school and office policies, procedures, calendars and personnel. Counsels students on academic requirements and areas of state and federal financial aid.

Dean of Students: Ewa Perkinson: Sees and advises students throughout the entire educational process through graduation. Counsels students on academics, graduation requirements and certain areas of financial aid.

Admissions Representative: Admissions: Often the first contact a student has with the school. Advises students in the various program; schedules and oversees the entire admissions process.


A diverse group of exceedingly qualified practitioners, the NIM faculty believe in high standards and generous support. Excited by their respective fields and committed to a collaborative educational process, individuals choose to teach at NIM because they believe in the importance of their work and the potential of their students.

Stephen Perkinson, B.A., L.M.T., began studying massage and neo-Riechian bodywork in 1975 and has worked as a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1979. Since 1986 he has taught and developed faculty training programs and curricula in all aspects of Massotherapist training. His deep commitment to improving the quality of education in massotherapy resulted in the founding of the National Institute of Massotherapy in 1991. He continues to serve as a member of the faculty.

Erin Barnard, B.S., L.M.T., 2005 NIM graduate, received her degree in Biology from the University of Akron where she is currently completing work on her M.S. degree in physiology. She has taught the laboratory section of histology (microanatomy) at UA and currently teaches Anatomy and Physiology at NIM.

Dan Bilich, B.S., earned his degree from the University of Akron. Science and mathematics teacher for 13 years, also serves as the Director and Financial Aid Officer of the institution.

Catherine C. Dechert, L.M.T., AASCMT, is a licensed massotherapist in private practice since 1982. She holds certifications in a wide variety of wholistic healing, bodywork and movement modalities. She has taught Massage Therapy at NIM since 2012.

Randall Gibson, M.Ed., L.M.T., licensed Massotherapist since 1982 and Touch For Health instructor since 1984, is certified in Neuromuscular Therapy, postural integration and many other approaches to bodywork and natural healing. He has taught both Anatomy and Massage since 1989.

Susan M. Magee, L.M.T., has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1995. She is certified in Myofascial Release, Mastectomy & Reconstruction Massage, Exam & Diagnostic Techiques, Fibromayalgia, Aromatherapy, Lomi Lomi and Stone Massage. Susan has had a private practice since 1995 and has taught massage therapy since 2003.

Patrick Neer, B.S., M.S., is a former college and professional athlete and U.S. Army medic. He owns a health and wellness consulting company and has taught at every level from elementary to universities and colleges. Patrick currently teaches Anatomy, Physiology and Medical Terminology at NIM.

Ewa Perkinson, B.A., B.S., R.D., L.D., received her degrees in Spanish and Nutrition from the University of Akron. She is a Registered Dietician, licensed in the state of Ohio since 1994. She was a pracitioner of massage in the state of Illinois. She has taught Anatomy and Physiology, Food Safety, and General Nutrition .

Paula Qualls-Mitchell, Ph.D, L.M.T., NCTMB, has background in education and non-profit organizations. She received her Ph.D in Secondary Education/Multicultural Education, M.S. in Technical Education/Guidance Counseling, and B.S. from the University of Akron; certified by the National Certification Board of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork.

Marcia L. Vahila, B.S.Ed., L.M.T., is a Licensed Massotherapist with her B.S. in Vocational Education. She is trained in many approaches to bodywork, spa therapies, and natural healing. Marcia has worked full time as a therapist since 1984 and has taught at NIM since 1993.

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