Educational Leadership

The National Institute of Massotherapy's founder, Stephen Perkinson , became interested in the field of bodywork in 1975 when he began participating in personal growth body oriented psychotherapy. He entered into study and apprenticeship in the arts of massotherapy and mechanotherapy under long time practitioners and educators immersed in the traditions. He became interested in perfecting the age old complex manual medical techniques and teaching practitioners the art. Stephen has taught these manipulations since 1979.

As a leader in the massage therapy profession for thirty years, he understands what it takes to become an effective, successful practitioner. At the forefront of an emerging profession, Stephen played a pivotal role in establishing educational, professional and ethical standards in Ohio. As a recognized massage therapist, author of curricula, and advocate for therapeutic massage, he has dedicated his life to helping people suffering from pain or stress.

As an educator and the founder of the National Institute of Massotherapy, Stephen has influenced a generation of massage therapists, instilling the confidence that comes from a thorough theoretical understanding and an integrated practical application of precise techniques. He continues to focus his energy on advancing the massage profession because he believes in its powerful ability to relieve pain and promote health.

The National Institute of Massotherapy was founded in Akron, Ohio in 1991 and continues under his direction. It has grown during that time from one classroom with 8 students to classrooms, student clinic and offices in Akron. The National Institute of Massotherapy is approved by the State Medical Board of Ohio, the Ohio Board of Career Colleges and Schools and is accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training.

Working to improve the skills of massage therapy as an allied health profession, NIM has been in the forefront serving on numerous state committees and drafting curriculum standards. We strive to provide educational opportunities which enable our students to begin or change careers. learn about alternative forms of limited medical treatment, achieve proficiency in therapeutic bodywork skills and develop the personal awareness necessary for successful practices as therapists. Our student body is diverse in educational background, age, gender, and lifestyle. The massage therapy program is designed to facilitate and broaden the process of preparing people for careers as licensed massotherapists. The programming combines the hard sciences and humanities with the hands-on skills of massage. Clinical experience reinforces classroom education to produce a skilled, quality therapist.

Faculty and staff are devoted, caring individuals, as diverse as the student body. Academics and experience combine in the qualifications of the instructors, many of whom have their own careers in bodywork. Careful supervision, guidance and group interactions within the classroom setting provide individual attention as well as a non-competitive atmosphere. The same attitude from the administration yields similar results from the staff. Employees at NIM are here because they are treated fairly and are content in their jobs.

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