Comprehensive and Advanced Curriculum

NIM graduates enter the profession of massage therapy with competence, confidence, and connections to their colleagues. The comprehensive curriculum, inspired by tradition and guided by current research and practice, creates an exceptional foundation for a successful, long-term career as a massage therapist. We know what it takes to succeed, so we offer a curriculum that integrates theory, technical skill, business, ethics, and science education. We recognize what it takes to excel, so we offer a curriculum that integrates communication skills, treatment and clinical science education.

The cornerstone of this program is a unique combination of treatment, exercise, and client education designed to reduce or eliminate chronic muscle tension, correct injury and promote health. The approach incorporates a series of traditional specialized massage techniques relating to each muscle group or organ system, applied with various rhythms, speeds and pressures. Addressing many of the common symptoms that will bring clients into their offices, students learn to relieve pain and promote healing. NIM students are exposed to other bodywork modalities as they broaden their perspective and deepen their understanding.

The spirit of the program is the development of the therapeutic relationship between the massage therapist and the client. Building on the central belief that mindful contact heals, students learn a comprehensive approach to massage providing relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing vitality. An in-depth study of science provides a fundamental understanding of structure and function as it introduces core principles for safe and effective clinical decision making.

Throughout the program NIM teaches students to care for themselves, preventing injury while strengthening their skills. Also essential to a solid professional foundation, students develop the business strategies and communication skills needed to join a growing profession.

Hands-On Application

A key component of the programs is participation in the onsite Student Therapy Center. Students practice the massage skills they have learned in the classroom in a supervised professional setting. Clients from the local community receive relaxing and therapeutic massage while students gain valuable experience and feedback.

Our Distinctive Approach

The dedicated NIM faculty teach with the confidence and passion that come from a well-developed expertise and a love for their work. As professional practitioners in their respective fields, NIM teachers bring a practical understanding of the subject matter — one that they delight in sharing with their students. They work closely with students, recognizing diverse learning styles and developing a supportive classroom environment for adults.

NIM's program structure offers students an enriched collaborative experience as students begin the program as a group and attend their courses together throughout the program. Deep friendships and professional connections develop, creating a community of colleagues to draw on for inspiration and support. Respect for each individual, reverence for the human body, enthusiasm for the healing potential of massage, and commitment to the learning process are hallmarks of the NIM approach.

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