Massage Therapy Diploma

The Massage Therapy Program is a thorough preparation for licensure by the Medical Board of the State of Ohio as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). It is the basic level of massage therapy practice in the state of Ohio.

NIM's curriculum is a highly integrated blend of a basic science and massage curriculum. Courses include anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, pathophysiology, massage, business, law, ethics and clinic. The Massage Therapy Program sets the foundation for the development of specific therapeutic skills.

Program length
15 months (5 quarters full-time) or
24 months (8 quarters part-time)

Course Code/ Course NameCr. HrsClk Hrs
BIO:112 - Anat & Phys Intro440
BIO:211 - Anatomy - UE230
BIO:212 - Anatomy - LE230
BIO:213 - Anatomy - Axial230
BIO:221 - Anat & Phys Control Sys440
BIO:222 - Anat & Phys Maint. Sys440
BIO:223 - Anat & Phys Metabolism440
BIO:331 - Exercise Physiology440
BIO:332 - Pathology440
GEN:110 - Ethics & Law330
GEN:111 - Medical Terminolgy440
GEN:120 - Business Management330
MST:111 - Massage Fundamentals580
MST:112 - Foundations of Massage580
MST:131 - Clinic 1130
MST:132 - Clinic 2130
MST:211 - Massage Treat. UE460
MST:212 - Massage Treat. LE460
MST:213 - Massage Treat. Torso460
MST:233 - Clinic 3130
MST:234 - Clinic 4130
MST:235 - Clinic 5130
MST:236 - Clinic 6130
MST:237 - Clinic 7130
MST:321 - Basic Sciences SBR220
MST:322 - Massage Therapy SBR220
Total69 980
Gainful Employment Disclosures
OPEID: 03468400
CIP ID: 51.3501
SOC: 31-9011
ONET occupational profile
FY 2014-15
Cost of Program
Application Fee$35.00
Books and Supplies (used / new)$350 / $800
MBLex test fee$195.00
Medical Board app fee$150.00
Total$12943 / 13393

Graduates who completed on time88%
Graduate job placement rate100%

Median Loan Debt
Federal loans$11,655.00
Private loans
Institutional Financing

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