Programs begin Winter, Summer, Spring and Fall.

NIM offers two programs for professional practice. The Massage Therapy diploma program comprises 69 credit hours can be completed in as few as 15 months. The Associate of Applied Science in Clinical Massage Therapy degree program can be completed in as few as 21 months and consists of 96 credit hours.

Day and Evening/Weekend schedules of classes accommodate your lifestyle.

Day classes meet Monday through Thursday in the intensive diploma and degree programs. Some quarters are two half-days and a full day of classes others are four partial days, depending on program and when you start. Evening/weekend classes, designed for working people, meet two or three evenings and on Saturday.

Associate of Applied Science in Clinical Massage Therapy

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The AASCMT program, a natural extension of the Massage Therapy Diploma program, affords the student an advanced level of bodywork and clinical training beyond the state minimum standards. It is designed to focus on the development of competent, caring and inspired graduates while continuing to prepare them for licensure. These courses are supplemented with general studies courses in the liberal arts and sciences relevant to bodyworkers.

Transfer credit into the AASCMT program may be given for qualified licensed or license-eligible individuals.

Massage Therapy Diploma

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The Massage Therapy Program is a thorough preparation for licensure by the Medical Board of the State of Ohio as a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT). It is the basic level of massage therapy practice in the state of Ohio.

NIM's curriculum is a highly integrated blend of a basic science and massage curriculum. Courses include anatomy, kinesiology, physiology, pathophysiology, massage, business, law, ethics and clinic. The Massage Therapy Program sets the foundation for the development of specific therapeutic skills.

Massage Certificate: Avocational

The Massage class is a thorough introduction to massage relevant to novices, hobbyists and medical professionals wishing to learn the basic skills, procedures and benefits of massage.

The course is comprised of fundamental concepts of ethical Massage Theory together with hands-on practice. Those who complete the class will be rewarded with an increased awareness of the benefits of massage together with the knowledge and skills to perform a thorough general relaxation massage.

Program length
21 months (7 quarters full-time) or
33 months (11 quarters part-time)

Program length
15 months (5 quarters full-time) or
24 months (8 quarters part-time)

Program length
6 months (2 quarters)

The state of Ohio has had a formal standardized licensing process since 1917. The Medical Board of the State of Ohio requires that a prospective licensee have a diploma from an approved program/school before it allows a student to take the MBlex for state licensing in massage therapy. NIM awards its graduates a diploma upon completion of either the Associate Degree or Massage Therapy programs. Successful completion of the exam is required for all massage therapy practitioners in the state of Ohio.

NIM grants a certificate of attendance for completion of NIM's 250-hour Massage program. The massage certificate acknowledges the completion of basic education in massage technique and is not accepted by the Medical Board to sit for licensure. Consequently, one may not refer to oneself as a "therapist" without license from the Medical Board.

Neuromuscular Therapy, Shiatsu, Oriental Bodywork, Polarity, Craniosacral Therapy, Reflexology, and Ortho-Bionomy are examples of specialized approaches to bodywork/massage that have varying levels of certification associated with them. Certification exemplifies the skilled therapeutic practice of massage therapy in its specialty.

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