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NIM is honored to be associated with an expansive network of people and organizations that wish to employ only exceptional massage therapists and bodyworkers. Surveys indicate that employers prefer our graduates for their skills, commitment, and professionalism. We want to make hiring a quality massage therapist not only easy for you, but also the best fit possible. Employers who list an opening for a professional massage therapist through NIM's Career Services and Placement Department know that their listing is available only to NIM graduates at each location.

Why Hire a NIM Graduate?

NIM graduates have successfully concluded a thorough curriculum that trains massage therapists in the foundations of effective technique, skilled touch, and scientific understanding. Their in-depth training, including extensive clinical experience, emphasizes professional ethics and client communication skills.

NIM graduates will elevate your organization with their talents, focus, and expertise.

Post an Employment Opportunity

Our Career Services and Placement Department maintains recent employment opportunities for our 1,300 plus graduates. To post an employment or rental space opportunity, please include the following listing information on official company letterhead and fax to (330) 869-6422 or e-mail to Administration.

Company Name
Phone number
Contact person
Days & hours needed
Financial arrangement
Who supplies the table, linens, oils, etc.
Any other pertinent information

Interested applicants will contact you directly.

There is no charge to post your employment opportunity. NIM will keep the post for six months or remove it sooner if we are informed the position has been filled. We appreciate being contacted when you have hired one of our graduates or a position is no longer available. We will contact you a month or two after a hire to follow-up on how our graduate's career is progressing. No employment requests will be posted unless they are received on official company letterhead.

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