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The NIM calendar including class schedules, class times and other events is available to staff and students at See Student Handbook for login instructions, or click here to download a general school calendar.

Annual Security Report

The NIM Annual Security Report is available for download here here.


Many NIM faculty offer group tutoring and review sessions in physiology, anatomy, pathology, and massage technique. These informal sessions are available at no charge to NIM students. NIM faculty are always available to review material and answer questions during office hours.

Weather Cancellation

School cancellations can be found via the I-Alert network at

Update Contact Information

If there are any changes in your contact information (name, mailing address, phone number or e-mail address), please let the Administration know. Contact Administration

Staff Directory

If you seek assistance at one time or another, you may want to contact the following people, either directly or by email.

Stephen Perkinson, BA, LMT; President, Curriculum Coordinator, Continuing Education Coordinator : Oversees development and implementation of the curriculum and coordinates instructors' work through planning, meetings, and evaluations. Schedules and oversees all required and elective seminars.

Dan Bilich, BS; Director, Financial Aid Officer, Business Office: Oversees and directs all aspects and functions of NIM. Implements all school and office policies, procedures, calendars and personnel. Counsels students on academic requirements and federal financial aid. Keeps account of all monies due and received from students. Monitors students' payment plans, does student billing and keeps records of students' financial status.

Ewa Perkinson, Dean of Students: Sees and advises students throughout the entire educational process from admissions through graduation. Counsels students on academics, attendance, leaving and re-entering school and getting started in the financial aid process.

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